PCI-Compliant Tablet V5: Taxi Infotainment

Taxi Infotainment systems are an innovative and entertaining solution to the boredom that taxi passengers are commonly faced with on a long and mundane journey. A catchy array of entertaining information and relevant advertisements help the passengers to break away from their tedious routines and indulge themselves into the world of relevant news content, factoids and local deals.

Taxi Infotainment systems such as the PCI-Compliant Revosys V5 Interactive Taxi terminal incorporates the latest in taxi tablet technology and offers a state-of-the art mobile solution displaying high impact advertisement (that is geographically targeted to be highly effective and relevant to the passenger), entertaining content and other interactive services such as Taxi Payment Processing services, local area information, live GPS navigation and much more.

Revosys’s Taxi Infotainment facilities help you find restaurants and other businesses in your local area to get you in touch with exciting bargains and discounts that are currently available. It also helps you look up travel information about your desired location, including logistics and weather conditions. No longer do you need to rush to the theater to purchase tickets; just select your tickets from the V5 Taxi Tablet and have them printed right with your receipt. With such a wide range of infotainment services before your eyes, your journey will be over before you know it, all the while having gained more knowledge about your surroundings during an otherwise unproductive moment.

The V5 PCI-Compliant Taxi Interactive Tablet employs the latest technology which runs world’s top software currently available for the Taxi Infotainment market. Incorporating a Dual Core noiseless processor, it offers communication systems such as the 3G/4G LTE, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi. The 3G/4G LTE wireless system enables remote access to the taxicab’s security recordings by Police authorities as well as the updating of media content and downloading of usage statistics. This taxi cab security feature helps to increase the safety of drivers and passengers, as well as providing visual proof in case of an auto collision. The Wi-Fi feature offers the function of providing wireless internet services to the passenger. The Bluetooth lets the passenger pair their device with the V5 Interactive Terminal and download exciting local deals/coupons, while the built in GPS helps make geo-targeted (location based) relevant advertisements possible. The taxi CCTV recordings offer the exact geographical locations to produce a highly detailed, relevant and useful journey log in case one is required.

The best part of the V5 Taxi Infotainment system is that its open-platform operating system can have further add-ons installed on it to add to the current array of applications. The Revosys V5 Interactive Terminal currently comes with three Taxi Digital Signage Infotainment software options: Touch Taxi Media, Acquire Digital and Dialie. These software packages each have their unique strengths and advantages over any other solution in the market. We look forward to showing you how the PCI-Compliant V5 Taxi Infotainment Tablet can benefit your business.

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