PCI-Compliant Tablet Taxi Payment System

Taxi Payment Systems such as the V5 PCI-Compliant Taxi Tablet benefit the driver and the passengers by guaranteeing an alternative form of payment other than cash for convenience during long trips. Taxi Payment Systems, such as the one incorporated into the Revosys V5 Interactive Tablet are designed to cater to the needs of numerous businesses, individuals and fleets. The system helps companies and individuals keep account of their earnings while providing an easy-to-use system to passengers.

Taxi Payments Systems are now becoming a common feature in the majority of taxicabs throughout Australia, UK, USA and Singapore. So much so that according to a recent estimate, about 97% of the taxicabs operating in Australia carry some form of Taxi Payment System and accept credit cards. The conveniences of this system include the luxury of saying goodbye to petty cash handling and helping to reduce burglaries and frauds to taxi drivers. Such systems are speedier than cash transactions, they help the passenger save time during payments, and the help the driver during cash handling & accounting.

Standing out from all the other Taxi Payment systems, the Revosys V5 PCI-Compliant Taxi Interactive Tablet incorporates a minimalistic design and offers more than just a payment facility with its entertainment, taxicab security and fleet management features. Recording all visual data and sending the data to the local Police authority’s networks via 3G/4G LTE, this system ensures the financial and physical safety of both the passenger and the driver. Since the US consumers hold more than $609.8 million in credit cards according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, and as we move towards a cashless society, taxicab drivers need to ensure they tap into this these technologies.

The V5 Taxi Interactive Payment Tablet offers a paperless payment solution that allows passengers to retain a copy of their receipt by sending it to their e-mailbox or cellphone via an SMS. The system can process conventional magnetic stripe cards from JCB, VISA, MasterCard and American Express as well as NFC (Near Field Communications) enabled mobile phones. The PIN entry and Signature Capture is made convenient with the help of PCI PTS touchscreen technology.

Customers acknowledge Taxi Payment Systems as a standard of first-rate customer service and it helps enhance their overall travel experience. The paid advertisement solutions available with the Revosys V5 Taxi Interactive Tablet help the driver earn more bucks by the mile. Fleet systems are realizing that such a technology and its sophisticated counterparts can help with the management of an otherwise loose, cumbersome, traditional system.

Contact Revosys Inc. today to learn how the V5 can benefit your business’s bottom line. Our software, hardware, payment and security packages are the unsurpassed in the industry.

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