Cab CCTV Security

Most taxi drivers face a very real threat of armed robbery or at the very least an annoying incident of fare evasion by anti-social elements of the society. Taxi drivers have to roam the streets at unsafe times and welcome passengers with unknown backgrounds and motives. As unarmed servicemen of the public, taxi drivers are indeed in grave dangers themselves, especially around the weekends, holidays and during nighttime.

Nights are an especially hazardous time of the day. Despite fearsome thieves and other mischief mongers, taxi drivers are also often targeted by drunken passengers. Only the Revosys Interactive V5 Terminal holds the power to put the driver’s mind at ease. It acts not only as a crime prevention tool, but also a proof in case something does happen. This is an absolute bliss for the drivers that have little or no say over the potential abuse by socially deviant passengers. This system keeps reminding them that they’re being watched and will be held accountable for any wrongful actions they commit.

One of the many features behind the success of the Revosys Interactive V5 Taxi Advertising and Cab Security terminal is its ability to bring a new innovation to the world in In-Cab CCTV Surveillance.  Gone are the days when the law enforcement agencies had to see tapes, or wait to retrieve recordings of surveillance videos if something happened in the cab or to the cab, and all of this was often a step taking well beyond the moment of action. The RevosysTaxi Interactive V5 Tablet comes equipped with a GPS enabled CCTV surveillance camera feature relaying a live video feed to the law enforcement agencies. Two high definition cameras are dedicated to preventing any wrongdoing. The video feed can be transmitted reliably over 3G, 4G or CDMA networks.

The Revosys V5 In-Taxi CCTV Cab Security system can not only prevent crime and fare evasion, it can also help the driver make successful insurance claims, avoid any verbal, actual or perceived threat by the passenger and hold the passenger accountable for any damage to the taxi’s interior. Installation of the V5 Taxi Interactive Tablet will lead to lower insurance costs and a sounder taxi company reputation. Customers are often more comfortable travelling in cabs that take the time and effort to make them a secure place.

Revosys boasts a proven track record, flexible implementation and cost-saving installation techniques. Revosys believes in continuous innovation and 24/7 dedicated support services to its customers. The Interactive V5 Taxi Terminal draws heavily on the countrywide surveys that point out the potential for taxicab abuse. This system allows extremely vulnerable taxicab drivers the ability to work during the most hazardous of times, such as weekends, nights and the holidays.

Please feel free to browse through our website for more information about the V5 In-Taxi Interactive Cab CCTV Security Player and Revosys’ strong commitment to innovation.

V5 Taxi Interactive Tablet

When it comes to entertainment, advertising, interactive content and payment solutions, modern day taxicabs are making great strides in offering these same facilities that customers commonly find elsewhere. Taxi tablets such as the PCI-Compliant Revosys V5 Taxi Interactive Tablet provide a cost-effective, intelligent tool to meet the passengers’ infotainment and payment expectations. The taxi tablet carries Digital Signage and Digital Media advertisement software solutions for its valued customers on both the corporate and the passenger end. The media advertisement solutions helps drivers make up for their lost profits in lieu of rising fuel prices and reap the hearty benefits of their labor without making any extra effort.

The Revosys V5 Taxi Interactive PCI-Compliant system comes with location-based advertising capability which helps the passenger find the latest local offers – nothing short of exclusive deals, and promotions. To add to this, the Interactive tablet comes with VOIP (Voice-Over-IP) capability that can be used to book your reservation at the restaurant of your choice.

The V5 Taxi Interactive PCI-Compliant Tablet comes fitted with a vivid 10.1” LCD that has a modern design, secure capacitive touchscreen, and offers an impressive contrast ratio of 1500:1 – the highest in the industry for this size. The hardware has more to offer with an Intel dual-core processor that helps the tablet with its seamless operation, auto turn-on and shut down with the taxi, and dual display options on top of direct video streaming from two Taxi CCTV cameras. All of this is powered by a sturdy SAE J1113 – 11 compliant automotive power supply. This power supply helps the interactive tablet survive voltages as low as 5 volts and as high as 38 volts, which occur during vehicle engine cranking.

The V5 Taxi CCTV system helps deter crime and fare evasion with the help of two security cameras that can be accessed remotely by law enforcement agencies and the latest hours of video feed can be downloaded onto their servers.

The Taxi Payment System offered by the V5 Taxi Interactive Tablet caters to nearly all payment types including credit and debit cards, NFC (Near Field Communications) cards and cellphones carrying Contactless Payment capability. This all-in-one in-taxi tablet does not require external PIN-pads or additional payment terminals, as all transactions are done via the 10.1” interface. The debit card PIN can be entered directly via the touchscreen, as well as optional signature capture using the tethered electronic stylus pen, while offering the passenger the option to tip the driver for their service.

Call Revosys today to learn more about the world-class tablet that offers an integrated payment and advertisement system to take your services to the next level.

PCI-Compliant Tablet Taxi Payment System

Taxi Payment Systems such as the V5 PCI-Compliant Taxi Tablet benefit the driver and the passengers by guaranteeing an alternative form of payment other than cash for convenience during long trips. Taxi Payment Systems, such as the one incorporated into the Revosys V5 Interactive Tablet are designed to cater to the needs of numerous businesses, individuals and fleets. The system helps companies and individuals keep account of their earnings while providing an easy-to-use system to passengers.

Taxi Payments Systems are now becoming a common feature in the majority of taxicabs throughout Australia, UK, USA and Singapore. So much so that according to a recent estimate, about 97% of the taxicabs operating in Australia carry some form of Taxi Payment System and accept credit cards. The conveniences of this system include the luxury of saying goodbye to petty cash handling and helping to reduce burglaries and frauds to taxi drivers. Such systems are speedier than cash transactions, they help the passenger save time during payments, and the help the driver during cash handling & accounting.

Standing out from all the other Taxi Payment systems, the Revosys V5 PCI-Compliant Taxi Interactive Tablet incorporates a minimalistic design and offers more than just a payment facility with its entertainment, taxicab security and fleet management features. Recording all visual data and sending the data to the local Police authority’s networks via 3G/4G LTE, this system ensures the financial and physical safety of both the passenger and the driver. Since the US consumers hold more than $609.8 million in credit cards according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, and as we move towards a cashless society, taxicab drivers need to ensure they tap into this these technologies.

The V5 Taxi Interactive Payment Tablet offers a paperless payment solution that allows passengers to retain a copy of their receipt by sending it to their e-mailbox or cellphone via an SMS. The system can process conventional magnetic stripe cards from JCB, VISA, MasterCard and American Express as well as NFC (Near Field Communications) enabled mobile phones. The PIN entry and Signature Capture is made convenient with the help of PCI PTS touchscreen technology.

Customers acknowledge Taxi Payment Systems as a standard of first-rate customer service and it helps enhance their overall travel experience. The paid advertisement solutions available with the Revosys V5 Taxi Interactive Tablet help the driver earn more bucks by the mile. Fleet systems are realizing that such a technology and its sophisticated counterparts can help with the management of an otherwise loose, cumbersome, traditional system.

Contact Revosys Inc. today to learn how the V5 can benefit your business’s bottom line. Our software, hardware, payment and security packages are the unsurpassed in the industry.

PCI-Compliant Tablet V5: Taxi Infotainment

Taxi Infotainment systems are an innovative and entertaining solution to the boredom that taxi passengers are commonly faced with on a long and mundane journey. A catchy array of entertaining information and relevant advertisements help the passengers to break away from their tedious routines and indulge themselves into the world of relevant news content, factoids and local deals.

Taxi Infotainment systems such as the PCI-Compliant Revosys V5 Interactive Taxi terminal incorporates the latest in taxi tablet technology and offers a state-of-the art mobile solution displaying high impact advertisement (that is geographically targeted to be highly effective and relevant to the passenger), entertaining content and other interactive services such as Taxi Payment Processing services, local area information, live GPS navigation and much more.

Revosys’s Taxi Infotainment facilities help you find restaurants and other businesses in your local area to get you in touch with exciting bargains and discounts that are currently available. It also helps you look up travel information about your desired location, including logistics and weather conditions. No longer do you need to rush to the theater to purchase tickets; just select your tickets from the V5 Taxi Tablet and have them printed right with your receipt. With such a wide range of infotainment services before your eyes, your journey will be over before you know it, all the while having gained more knowledge about your surroundings during an otherwise unproductive moment.

The V5 PCI-Compliant Taxi Interactive Tablet employs the latest technology which runs world’s top software currently available for the Taxi Infotainment market. Incorporating a Dual Core noiseless processor, it offers communication systems such as the 3G/4G LTE, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi. The 3G/4G LTE wireless system enables remote access to the taxicab’s security recordings by Police authorities as well as the updating of media content and downloading of usage statistics. This taxi cab security feature helps to increase the safety of drivers and passengers, as well as providing visual proof in case of an auto collision. The Wi-Fi feature offers the function of providing wireless internet services to the passenger. The Bluetooth lets the passenger pair their device with the V5 Interactive Terminal and download exciting local deals/coupons, while the built in GPS helps make geo-targeted (location based) relevant advertisements possible. The taxi CCTV recordings offer the exact geographical locations to produce a highly detailed, relevant and useful journey log in case one is required.

The best part of the V5 Taxi Infotainment system is that its open-platform operating system can have further add-ons installed on it to add to the current array of applications. The Revosys V5 Interactive Terminal currently comes with three Taxi Digital Signage Infotainment software options: Touch Taxi Media, Acquire Digital and Dialie. These software packages each have their unique strengths and advantages over any other solution in the market. We look forward to showing you how the PCI-Compliant V5 Taxi Infotainment Tablet can benefit your business.

Taxi Cab Security

With a rise in crime all over the nation, taxicab owner and fleet managers are taking an initiative in adopting taxi security systems to help them cope with the growing threats.

An industry game-changer, the Revosys V5 Interactive Taxi Tablet is a reliable, robust and powerful device that can record video from as many as two high resolution Taxi CCTV cameras, and their footage can be downloaded remotely as well as streamed in real-time by local crime-enforcement authorities.

Taxicab drivers often feel threatened as a virtue of their job description, especially if they have to operate in and travel to areas with a known history of violence and crimes. The number of reported cases of theft in taxicabs is also rising, which is another major concern for taxicab drivers. Last but not least, drunken passengers are an automatic risk, and taxicabs often have to transport these passengers after a rough night.

Advantages of Taxi Security cameras:

  • They protect drivers and passengers – Taxi drivers are in a vulnerable position due to the trust they put in their passengers, the hours they work around and the places they have to travel to. Taxi security cameras can help put the unruly passengers back in line.
  • They prevent violence – Taxicab drivers cannot, for certain, know anything more about the passengers they’re going to be taking along apart from their required destination. They also have to deal with drunken passengers on a regular basis. Hence, assault cases on taxicab drivers are on the rise. In-cab Taxi Security cameras will make a passenger with criminal intentions think twice before trying anything illegal.
  • They prevent robberies – Knowing that the passenger’s actions are being monitored will prevent a potential robber from accomplishing their goals.
  • They help train and monitor cab drivers – Taxi drivers can conduct themselves in a poor manner, just as passengers. Taxi CCTV cab security systems assure the passengers that their driver is being monitored and must have been put through stringent training requirements, and can be relied upon to act professional.
  • They provide visual evidence in cases of violence, theft, terrorism and fare evasion. Merely publicizing the fact that the taxicab is fitted with Taxi CCTV systems helps deter the aforementioned crimes.

Before installing a taxi security system, make sure the system can handle rough conditions, low and dark environments, and can provide a practical benefit. The best way to this is rely upon an automatic and integrated system such as the Revosys V5 Interactive Taxi Tablet, which can transmit Taxi CCTV footage over secure 3G/4G LTE networks to the appropriate law enforcement agencies. This system offers peace of mind for the drivers, their passengers, law enforcement agencies and fleet managers.

Taxi CCTV Security Systems

Taxi CCTV cab security came to light globally after the recent announcement by the Oxford City Council that it will make it mandatory for all taxicabs to carry such device by the end of March 2015. Hence, starting April 2012, the global demand for and usage of Taxi CCTV cameras will raise many-fold. Such taxi CCTV systems will normally turn-on upon ignition, and stay on for a period of time after the car is turned off. The CCTV footage must be kept confidential & inaccessible, unless required by law enforcement agencies. Some high-end devices such as the Revosys V5 Interactive Taxi Tablet will allow secure remote access and instantaneous live feed of the Taxi CCTV’s footage to law enforcement agencies or the Taxi administration office and the local Taxi Hackney (Taxi Police).

The main purpose behind Taxi CCTV cameras is for protection of the driver and passengers, preventing violence and providing evidence in cases of fare evasion and severe misconduct. In the wake of growing assaults on taxi drivers, a device that can give law enforcement immediate access to live footage of the cab is a must-have. There have been many cases in the past years where taxicabs were stolen, drivers beaten to unconsciousness, cabs vandalized and even complaints filed against the cab drivers themselves. Taxi CCTV cab security will ensure the safety and comfort of all those that are being watched. In the event that a crime does occur, the system plays a critical role in notifying in real-time the authorities, and assisting them with GPS location information of the taxi cab.

Taxi cab security systems are gaining world-wide acceptance, despite some resistance from civil rights groups, the advantages of a CCTV camera far outweigh the criticisms of privacy invasion. There is no potential for abuse since a taxicab is not private property per se, it is the back of a public transport vehicle with a driver in the front seat, who can already hear and see all actions that go on in the back seat.

Apart from the apparent security benefits, Taxi CCTV’s also help:

  • Lower insurance rates by limiting fraudulent accident disputes
  • Safeguard the drivers and their assets against unruly passengers
  • Log vehicle information and act as a black box in relevant cases
  • Manage drivers if they work as a part of a fleet. Some companies even use these as a feedback system during their driver training programs.

The Revosys V5 Interactive Taxi Tablet is an easy to operate, cost effective and readily transferable system. The system is easy to install and detach and is essentially about the size of a small tablet.

Please visit the Revosys website to understand more about this growing technology and discuss your security requirements with us. We have a wide range of packages to cater to most of your taxicab security, payment, entertainment and advertisement needs.

Taxi Card Processing

Taxi Card Processing is a highly demanded feature that taxicab passengers expect to see in today’s taxi fleets. Taxicab fares are steadily increasing and passengers are not always carrying sufficient cash to pay the taxi fare, especially after a shopping spree, or a night out on the town. The world is moving towards what we call “plastic money”, and it makes sense for taxicabs to follow suit with their Taxi Card Processing systems.

For taxi drivers, collecting payments on the road is not an easy task. Cashless passengers and complex tracking systems can make the whole business a displeasure for the passenger and ultimately for the driver, leading to customer dissatisfaction with the taxi cab company and a lesser tip for the driver (if any at all). Taxicab drivers and fleet owners find that a Taxi Card Processing system makes their business run more efficiently. It is a system that effectively pays for itself by providing all sorts of monitory benefits to the taxi fleet owner and cab driver. Some of the added benefits include increased tips for the taxicab driver, customer retention, increased revenue through advertisements and lower accounting and reconciliation costs.

Revosys’ V5 Interactive Terminal is a highly equipped, state-of-the-art, robust, ‘chip and pin’, contactless, and magnetic stripe Taxi Card Processing system. Its 3G/4G LTE wireless system ensures quick transfer of funds and tips to the cab driver’s bank account. In addition to Taxi Payment Processing, the V5 Interactive Taxi Tablet offers a host of payment services, including Fleet Cards, Loyalty Cards, and Debit Card processing. The taxi tablet is fully compliant with PCI as well as EMV and can process all major cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Europay. Its financial tools make accounting and reconciliation an easy, seamless task. Drivers have the option of automating the reconciliation activity between their general ledger and the merchant account and reduce administrative costs and time. Unlike taxi payment systems in the market, the V5 taxi tablet one is easy to install, user-friendly, offers End-to-End Secure Transactions, offers engaging advertising content, taxi CCTV security features and economically priced. The button-less entry eliminates the need for bulky PIN pads and decreases fare evasion by providing security features.

The Revosys V5 Interactive Taxi Tablet is setting the industry standard in taxicab infotainment, Taxi Card Processing and security solutions. Visit our website and request a quote today. Tell us more about your project requirements, and we will show you how the V5 Taxi Interactive Card Processing system can benefit your business.

Taxi Security and Taxicab Crime Prevention

In recent years, statistics show a growing trend in the number of taxicab crimes throughout the world. Taxicab drivers carry a lot of spare cash and often drive to remote locations in the dead of the night. This makes them an easy and prized target for taxicab burglars and other petty criminals. In some extreme cases, the taxicab driver has been reported to have been kidnapped and forced to take part in criminal activities. The nature of the taxicab drivers’ environment can often make them an easy target.

Local authorities are acutely aware of the hazards that taxi drivers face every day, but measures taken to eradicate these issues via the criminal justice system have been largely overshadowed by bulky legislations. What this problem really needs is a grass-root solution. Such legislations may have seen a fall in the number of taxicab crimes, but the problem has not diminished altogether.

As a result most taxicab owners are turning to a new taxicab security system, one that allows them to secure their money, communicate in real time with the law enforcement agencies and even document the passenger’s ride to be used as a security measure or simply as evidence in the event that something goes wrong. These systems carry a taxi CCTV and have a documented history of reducing fare evasion and other illegal activities.

The V5 Taxi Tablet with Taxi CCTV from Revosys is a very popular example of taxicab based security and payment processing systems. Revosys V5 In-Taxi Tablet carries a state-of-the-art surveillance system that is fully automated and customizable to suit the owner’s needs. The taxi CCTV recordings can be accessed remotely using any cellular network such as 3G or LTE and can be reviewed at a remote location, allowing an unparalleled peace of mind. The relevant law enforcement agencies can access the recordings when they want or in the event of an emergency.

The Revosys V5 Taxi Tablet with Taxi Cab Security also allows for a convenient, cashless payment processing system that takes the vulnerable cash out of the driver’s pocket and straight into his bank account by a contact-less payment processing system. Revosys V5 Taxi Interactive Tablet uses end-to-end secure transactions and accepts all EMV (Europay, Mastercard, VISA) and PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant cards. The touchscreen is PCI PTS approved and the V5 Taxi Tablet can even process Contactless Payments via Cell Phones or NFC (Near Field Communication) cards, on top of the standard smart cards such as M/Chip-MasterCArd, JCB, American Express and VISA.The V5 Taxi Tablet Cab Security system processes the normal fare, and it allows the passenger to tip the driver handsomely.

Please feel free to get in touch with Revosys today to discuss your Taxi CCTV and other security needs.

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Taxi Tablet for Card Processing, Advertising and Cab Security

The Revosys V5 Interactive Taxi Tablet is a multi-purpose, state-of-the-art taxi cab “hub”. This single tool helps guarantee passenger safety, loyalty and satisfaction by providing a dynamic range of entertaining and interactive multimedia content, advertisement, taxi security and full taxi card payment processing.The V5 Taxi Tablet hardware comprises of a powerful, fanless dual core processor coupled with a bright, crisp, high resolution 10.1 inch LCD Screen. All of these features are compacted inside a slick tablet and fitted to the taxicab seats through a secure mounting mechanism.

In addition to displaying engaging advertisements in the cab, the Revosys V5 Interactive Taxi Tablet functions as a GPS navigation system with taxi fleet tracking and fleet management. The taxi tablet is also equipped with 2 high resolution taxicab CCTV cameras to provide security for drivers and passengers, as well as to prevent fare evasion. This is an especially valuable feature in every country where taxi cab crimes are a real threat. The taxicab CCTV videos can be broadcasted to a secure server over the 3G or LTE network and shared with the local law enforcement personnel. All digital recordings are secure and use embedded watermarks as required in many countries as proof of authenticity.

Taxi CCTV cameras help taxicab companies fulfill their responsibility of providing a safe journey to their passengers. The Taxicab CCTV footage acts as vital evidence for the law enforcement agencies in cases as serious as armed robberies or as simple, but widespread as Taxicab fare evasion. This is an ideal way to prevent and legally pursue cases of battery, asset destruction and even terrorism.

Another valuable feature of theTaxi Interactive Tablet from Revosys is its embedded payment processing system.The Revosys V5 Interactive Taxi Tablet is a fully integrated, EMV (Europay, Mastercard and VISA) and PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant payment processing system. A recent industry survey concluded that by providing a convenient and quick means to conduct a transaction for taxi passengers,there was a rise in the amount of tips that the taxicab owner received. The Interactive Taxi Tablet can accept Triple DES Secured, Magnetized Stripe Cards and other Smart Cards such as the American Express, VISA, JCB and M/Chip integrated MasterCard. It also offers contactless payment mode for contactless cards and NFC enabled phones.

Powering the state-of-the-at Taxi Tablet is a completely silent Intel dual core processor and a powerful SGX PowerVR Graphics Processing Unit. All the components used to build this tablet, including its internal power supply, are high grade and specifically designed for the harsh vehicle environment. The power supply can handle voltage fluctuations in the range of 5 to 38 volts.The boot up and shutdown of the tablet is linked to the taxicab’s ignition system, which safely boots up or shuts-down the system without any driver intervention, as well as preventing the driver from disconnecting the system.


Taxi Tablets for Taxicab Interactive Advertising

Industry officials are excited about the possibilities of taxi interactive digital signage. However, one of the main issues that have always plagued this growing market is an inability to dynamically update the taxi media. There are currently two (2) options on the market: one is to use a taxi headrest that could be updated using a USB drive, which has proven to be a logistical challenge as well as a cost-wasteful, time-consuming method of updating taxi media, or the new method of updating using the wireless 3G network. Optionally, the 3rd method is using taxi WiFi to update advertising and content media when all the cabs are at the taxi stand.

Taxi Headrests:

Typical taxi headrest screens come in two small sizes: a 7″ taxi headrest or an 8″ taxi headrest. Both headrest types typically use a thin touchscreen and the unit may have an integrated speaker. These taxi screens are typically built into within headrests, none of which are approved by car manufacturers or safety regulation agencies like TUV.

These taxi headrests commonly require an SD card, thumbdrive or other removable storage media which contains the updated advertisements. In some of these taxi headrests, an external 3G modem could be used, but it must be connected somewhere underneath the seat.

Such taxi headrests are typically designed without the use of rugged power supplies, rugged electronics or rugged hard drives, and are not safety-approved in various countries.

GPS Location Based Advertising:

Newer technologies like the V5 Taxi tablet provide GPS location based advertising, putting an intelligent twist on taxi interactive advertising. This taxi advertising system is contained within a familiar tablet, and allows the passenger to observe precisely where they are on the GPS map as well as distance to their destinations.The V5 Taxi Tablet uses GPS technology to highlight the advertisements along the route and display relevant content to the passengers. This is one of the innovative new ways that the driver’s route could be followed, while providing the taxi passenger with more than just an interactive experience. The customer is involved in the journey and becomes excited to know more about the new upcoming advertisements and deals relative to their location.

Download Coupons via SMS or Purchase Local Deals:

Unlike traditional taxi headrests, the V5 taxi tablet provides one of the most engaging and effective features for taxi interactive advertising. This advertising method directly engages your prospective customer, exactly when they are really in search of your service. Suppose you have just climbed into the back of a taxi cab and are on your way from the airport. You may be new to the area, and have some time grab a meal or a drink before you arrive at your hotel. The taxi cab begins to display several local advertisements and deals for an appetizer with a drink. You’ll can download the coupon to your cell phone, or purchase the appetizer and drink deal right from the V5 taxi tablet. Now, your time in the cab has been used effectively to purchase a deal from a local restaurant for a meal and a drink, a deal that you may not have received if you had not been in the taxi cab.

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