Revosys Taxi Interactive Advertising

As a Taxi Fleet, your company provides a valuable service which helps people safely reach their destination. With challenges suchas a rise in gas prices, taxes, and insurance, the price of operating a cab company isbecoming more difficult. Revosys Inc. has the solution to your problems with the world’s first TouchscreenIn-Taxi V5 Tablet. Before releasing the V5 Taxi Interactive TouchscreenAdvertising system, Revosys has conducted years ofresearch and development with other solutions such as Taxi Headrests and Display with Car PC systems.

Followingstrict attention to detail to meet the needs of taxi drivers, fleets, advertisers, and digital media companies, Revosys introduced the state of the art V5 In-Taxi Terminal. The slim V5 In-Taxi Tablet has one of the most user friendly taxi interactive touchscreen interfaces available, which enables local taxi digital advertising media companies to provide highly engaging, stylish, and smooth-transitioning content for passengers. It will greatly enhance the ride for the passenger by providing and all-in-one solution that features the Taxi Cab TV experience withIn-Cab Advertising as well as relevant news and coupons/deal.With its capabilities, the V5-In Taxi Tablet is the world’s premiere taxi advertising and payment processing system.

To understand the full-array of capabilities that the V5-In Taxi Tablet offers, momentarily put yourselfin the shoes of an out-of-town passenger: They may have had a long trip before a cab driver picks them up from the airport. Airport traffic happens to be a slow and steady crawl, so while your drivernavigates through bumper to bumper traffic with the assistance of the V5 Taxi Tablet’s Dispatch and Navigation feature, the passenger can scroll throughengaging news, stocks, and local restaurants on the 3G wireless InteractiveV5 In-Taxi tablet. If the passenger realizes they are hungry, but is not quite sure of the local fare in town, the software on the V5 not only will provide advertisements for restaurants surrounding the taxi’s route, but will also show their respective menus, address, exciting deals and phone number. The Revosys V5 can dial-up to the local restaurant for scheduling reservations right from the taxi cab, using its VOIP microphone capabilities.

The V5 In-Taxi Tabletbenefitsboth, cab companies and digital advertising media companies alike. While the digital signage companies will yield revenue from the in-cab advertising, the advertising companies will receive digital marketing to their target audience.Noother advertising medium isas interactive asin-taxi advertising. The V5 will detect the GPS location and display pertinent advertising based on the route taken. The V5 will also extrapolate valuable market research by measuring features as: statistics on passenger/advertisement interaction and facial audience measurement to track which ads affect which riders and which riders interact with which ad. This is valuable information for any business. These capabilities make it an attractive option for local businesses to use as a highly effective advertising medium.

The Revosys V5 Interactive TAXI Advertising and Taxi Payment Processing Terminal provides substantial gains fromIn-Taxi Advertising income using the newest technology. The future is now with the Revosys Taxi Interactive Tablet.